What is Argan Oil

Argan Oil (Argania spinosa) is extracted from the kernel of the Argan tree nut. The Argan tree grows in forests in South Western Morocco. Picked by hand, the nuts are cold pressed to produce the most wonderful light oil which for years the people of Morocco have been using  to  nourish their skin, hair and nails

Our oil is produced and bottled in our plant in Morocco. The oils are certified by ECOCERT and the plant is officially certified by ONSSA, the Moroccan Ministry of Health and Hygiene.

The main reason why Argan Oil is so effective is that it is extremely rich with Vitamin A and E. Not only that but it is packed with anti oxidants, Omega-6 fatty acids and linoleic acid.

When you apply Argan Oil to your skin, trocopherol from the Vitamin E encourages cell production thus promoting healthy skin and hair. Many of the world famous cosmetic companies use Argan Oil in some of their hair and skin products.

The benefits of Argan Oil 

  • As a skin moisturizer-just apply a small amount to your face and massage it in. Argan Oil is absorbed quickly so it does not leave and residue and it leaves you skin feeling smooth and soft.The vitamin A & E content also helps reduce fine wrinkles. You can also use it for chapped lips.
  • As an Exfoliater supplement- add a drop or two to water before massaging your skin.
  • As a treatment for Acne- Argan Oil’s high linoleic acid content does help reduce the inflammation caused by Acne and helps heal damaged skin. Just dab the infected area with the oil.

Argan Oil For Face, Body & Hair

For a healthy body- use Argan Oil as a complete body moisturizer. Massage the oil into your skin after a bath or shower. The vitamin A&E helps rejuvenate the skin , helps prevent stretch marks and keeps your skin healthy and glowing.

For hair- Argan Oil is a recognised hair conditioner. Just use a few drops and then rub into your hair. It really does make your hair much easier to style and helps eliminate fizziness. Massaging your scalp will help dry scalp and dandruff. As with all the uses of Argan oil, it may take a little time for you to get the quantities right as everyone’s skin and hair are different.

For nails and hands- remove any polish on your nails and then rub a little oil into your cuticles and hands. The oil will strengthen brittle nails and will make your hands look pretty good too!

More detailed instructions for use will be detailed in the leaflet with your product.

Storage- please keep the bottles, out of direct sunlight with the top tightly shut.

Possible Side Effects

The oil comes from the nut although it is actually a stone fruit. If you are worried about nut allergies, just test a tiny drop of oil of your skin to make sure you have no reaction to it.

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